Doused Consignment Information

Welcome to Doused. We appreciate your interest in consigning with us. Here at Doused we apply a consignment strategy that helps us give the customers what they want at a fair market price, while also minimizing the intake of harder to move pairs that take up storage space as well as valuable sales floor space. We have also implemented a social media strategy to help elevate our exposure on those platforms, which will also help facilitate the sale(s) of your consigned product(s). Accepted consignors will be required to repost/share 1 or more of Doused’s, stories/reels/posts on your IG/Tik Tok every week, preferably at peak times.

It is important to understand that not everyone will be accepted into our consignment program. Many different factors have made it necessary to structure it this way. We issue weekly direct deposit payouts, pre approval of pairs that are requested to be brought in, in store analytics that let you know what items are the most popular/best selling, etc. If you succeed, we succeed. Doused’s consignment fee is 20%. Our team will process your intake request and email you a time to drop them off. All mail in consignment products will be allowed once you have received a “drop off approval”. There may be some products you would like to consign that will not be accepted for various reasons. Just submit your request on our consignment platform so our team can go through your product and measure it against the current inventory to determine if it makes sense to accept the item(s). Please be aware that the lowest price item will be the first to be sold, so stay competitive. Aggressively priced items/hard to move items will not be accepted.

Once again, we appreciate your interest and if you feel you can meet all the required obligations, click the application link below and let’s get started.