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Supreme SpyraTwo Water Blaster Red

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With the Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster Red from the company's 2022 Spring/Summer collection, the product move from the utilitarian to something slightly more imaginative.

This is an automated water blaster. The effective range is 30 feet, and the maximum power range is 46 feet. 24.4" x 7.9" x 2.9".  A fully charged SpyraTwo can fire up to 22 water blasts before needing to recharge, and the integrated battery can last all day with 2000 blasts of maximum power. Simply dip the front of the Supreme SpyraTwo Water Blasted Red into the water to recharge, and the device will automatically load and repressurize in 10 seconds.

The Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster Red debuted on 23rd June 2022

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